Healthcare for London campaign

Healthcare for London campaign

Agency: Landau Reece
My role: Senior designer and project lead
Copyright: Landau Reece Ltd

Healthcare for London was the strategic parent of the NHS in London. They consulted the public on major changes to the way healthcare was delivered and accessed. 

We were commissioned to produce a large campaign comprising of a main document 58 pages long containing maps, infographics and charts, leaflets, and digital and print advertisements explaining how stroke and major trauma serves were changing across the 32 boroughs in London. The main document was to sit in GP waiting rooms for public access. There were also health fairs held across all boroughs. We produced advertisements for the London Paper and digital advertisements for the major train stations such as Waterloo and Victoria.

The campaign material needed to be inclusive across all walks of life, ages, ethnicities, and multiple demographics. This made it challenging to capture one hero image. During the brainstorming sessions I put forward this idea of shapes and colours to represent people and buildings, I kept getting this image of 'fuzzy felt' that I'd had as a child. This approach overcame the hurdle of using images. People are made up of all shapes and sizes and using bright colours helped the documents to stand out amongst the plethora of NHS material in a waiting room. Breaking down the complex changes using shapes made the document more easily digestible to everyone.

I was project managing large budgets and multiple assets and short turnarounds as well as managing staff and the client. The delivery was on time and a lot of public responses were gathered.

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Let's chat. You can reach me by email at

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